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Well, Sharknadoes, anyway. Yes, the SyFy Channel will be making a third of these, uh, unique movies. More info here:…

I will say that rarely has a movie title seemed so very apt! Though I must say, the first two films actually had some comical moments that were, I hope, intentional. Now if you want rage and despair, ask me for my opinion on the SyFy Channel's version of Moby Dick in which the great white whale gets hunted with nuclear weapons and survives even when the whole island of Molokai gets disintegrated!

And here's a teaser for everyone who just has to have some chainsaw on shark action:
Sharknado-3 OhHellNo by ardashir

And just asking -- does anyone know the full story behind this?

FaustMLPWasAMistake by ardashir

It sounds -- odd, coming from Ms. Faust, given her prior defense of the show she made. And I want to know what was said beyond one cherry-picked quote, like if she means it's a mistake the direction the show has been taken in or what.

Still, in any case, if at all true I'm sorry that Ms. Faust has gotten so burned out on something wonderful that she created.

Edit: JUST TO EMPHASIZE -- I would very much like to know what else Ms. Faust said in the conversation those words above were cherry-picked from. Far too many people out in Internet-land will use of regard such a quote as an excuse for all sorts of ugly behavior, and I'm not going to stand for that here. I want to know what actually happened and was said.


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alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Edited 1 day ago
Thank you for the fav.
ardashir Featured By Owner 1 day ago
You're welcome. I'll comment later when I have a chance to read it.
Desolator5 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Tnx for the llama :D
ardashir Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2015
You're quite welcome.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2015
You rock.
ardashir Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2015
Okay, and thanks.
MagicMan001 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2015
So... (punches fist in open palm) How many headcanons and fan origin stories do you reckon have just been destroyed with after page three?…
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2015
I knew whatever I wrote would never match up with canon. Thus why I wrote the fantastic and over the top origins I did for Sombra and Chrysalis.
MagicMan001 Featured By Owner Edited Mar 21, 2015
That's fair enough. I also figured my Japanese changelings would most likely not fit the show/comics canon.

I respect that.

By the way, watching the Lethal Weapon 2 film and the idea of South African villains got me thinking of this badass scene based from the film, when the ponies try to bust some Changeling South Zecornican diplomats up to smuggling Krugerrand: 

Jewel Wasp: (warning, dangerously) “You stupid ponies have no idea what you're doing.”

Pinkie Pie: “Aw, it’s okay, we do this thing like alll the time!”

Applejack: “Kinda surprised we get away with it so easily, honestly.”

Jewel Wasp: “My name is Jewel Wasp. I am the Minister of Diplomatic Affairs for the South Zecornican consulate.”

Twilight: (turning amusedly to her friends) “South Zecornica, girls. The home of the Krugerrand.”

Applejack: “Amon’ other things.”

Jewel Wasp: (refering to her changeling associates currently being searched/arrested) "These changelings also work for the consulate." (reaches into her jacket’s breast pocket) “Would you also like to see our diplomatic credentials--?”

Shining: (aims his glowing horn at them warningly) “Hey, hey, woah woah, don't you move. You keep your hooves where I can see ‘em.”

(The ponies begin taking the changelings’ credentials off them to verify them for themselves.)

Spitfire: “Alright, everypony, take it easy. (gives Twilight and Shining the credentials) “Here, Twilight…”

Shatterback, head of security for the consulate:  “Twilight? You’re Twilight and Shining Armor Sparkle?”

Shining: “Who wants to know?”

Twilight: (looking the paperwork) “What's your name? What's her name? Shat-- Shatterba-- Buck it; I’ll just call you Chrysalis.” (to Jewel Wasp) “Are you Jewel…  Jewel Wasp. Yeah, Wasp, that's you.

(Soarin’ hands their credentials back to them)

Soarin’: “Yeah, it’s official.”

Jewel Wasp: (pocketing her credentials) “They are official. Under the Diplomatic Relations Act, no diplomatic agent may be detained or arrested...”

Twilight: “...once his identity has been established. Thank you, I know how the laws work.

Jewel Wasp: “Then you’ll also know that we do now have a serious diplomatic situation here, which l will be taking up with your Foreign Ministry first thing tomorrow.”

Shining: “Oh well, you got me quaking in my horseshoes, but we’re still gonna bring your smuggling rump down.”

Jewel Wasp: (smirking arrogantly) “You couldn’t even give me a parking ticket, you meat-headed sack of shit. Who’s the dickhead now, eh? This house is owned by the South Zecornican government. This is South Zecornican soil. (to Twilight) Now you, take your marefriends, your pet lizard, your brother and his mook patrol and all get the buck out of here. Here, we have actual to be doing. Do you understand that or’ve I got to use slow, simpler words a Princess can understand, you c***?"

alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2015

Celestia, "For the record, you did the RIGHT THING by NOT burning her papers and then attacking her on the spot. The moment you brute force a situation like that, you're sending a message that that's how money solve things.
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